Houndstooth Infinity Scarf

I’m a big fan of scarves. You can wear a scarf in almost any weather and get away with it. I especially love infinity scarves if they’re made out of yarn, since I live in warmer climate than most. You can’t particularly pull off a thick, warm-looking wool scarf or something like that when it’s 65 degrees outside. Infinity scarves give me the ability to make them more light-weight and still fashionable.


Heidi, the wonder doxie, asleep under my work.

I was in search of a new, interesting pattern for a scarf that was not too busy or hard to make but still looked fashionable. I pulled up my trusty Ravelry account and started browsing infinity scarf patterns. I stumbled upon this Houndstooth Pattern and clicked through to Kathy’s site. I knew I could make this in an endless combination of different colors without ever getting bored.


Before the last game of the year.

I really like the clean-looking black and white of traditional houndstooth but I was looking for something I could wear to the last 49er game at windy Candlestick Park. I found the yarn I wanted in red and black and started working right away. I think it only took me a couple of evenings before I was finished.

I really appreciated how the pattern showed you how to carry the yarn through the entire scarf so that you didn’t have to cut the yarn after each row and later weave the ends in. This made things much faster.

I’ve worn this scarf at least once a week all winter and I absolutely love it. It’s casual enough with jeans but looks really nice with heels too.


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